Within the scope of our consulting activities we create the foundation for concrete decisions, give advice, based on specific know how and improve the decision-making ability of organisational units and individuals by:

  • Market research, cost analyses
  • Benchmarking, decision memos
  • Analysis and optimisation of administrative processes
  • Technical trainings and instructions
  • Compilation of technical documentations
  • Preparation of user manuals
  • Product presentations

» Project Management
» Engineering


»The 5-Day-Car-Project« – the vision of the 5-Day-Car or how flexibility helps to preserve added value.
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When the wheels come off...

The Airbus A380 and how the basics of project management are still being ignored with even seven-digit project budgets.
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The new MINI

The internationalisation of complex projects like BMW R56 significantly affects efficiency and may have other unexpected consequences.
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